Monday, 7 November 2011

W**ter Is A Bad Word

It's hard to think about winter when we've had such fantastic fall days, but wake up and smell the hot cocoa people - it's coming. Winter is fast approaching and we should all finish burrowing our nuts and tuck in for a long, cold winter – or, if you're fortunate enough, head

For those of us left trudging through the snow, what better way to do it than with a fashionable pair of practical winter boots! Canadian winters leave us with a rather limited selection of footwear that won't leave us with bruised behinds after an unfortunate, most times embarrassing slip on that lovely slick piece of black ice. These are my three picks for winter boots – Sorel, Pajar and UGG.

Sorel has come a long way since my elementary school days. I would have loved to run around the school yard in these babies! Pajar is always a smart choice – function and fur, nothing better. Lastly, the winter UGG boot –NOT the desert boot people, they will not keep you vertical on a slick patch of ice.

Happy fleeting days of Fall…

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