Friday, 14 October 2011

Sweater Obsession

My fall/winter obsession every year is the cozy, warm, wool sweaters. When you live in Canada, it's kind of a second nature/way of life. Some of us wear the flannel coats, the more stylish wear the heavy wool sweater.

Aritzia has had various versions of these sweaters for the past two years and I'm experiencing a bit of an obsession. I scored one last year, later in the season for about half the price in the after christmas sale, now i'm drooling over the colours out this season. I am particularly fond of the peach hue in the second sweater - I have it ... in two sizes (I'm not crazy. I'm returning one - I swear.). They are so cozy and the colours are amazing, making an executive decision is extreeeeemely difficult. I am also very fond of the first sweater, not only for the colours but for the buttons versus the zipper on the second one! If the second one came with buttons, it would be a no-brainer for me...

If they weren't so pricey, i'd take one of each!

Clearly, there are more important things to spend my time thinking about - but, I can't help it!

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