Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bag, Borrow or Burn

I had made a mental note to myself to start doing posts like this for a while now, so here I go with the first installment of Bag, Borrow or Burn. The premise is pretty straight forward here – pick an item, marvel at it and then decide whether it would be wise to Bag (buy it), Borrow (take it from a friend for an extended period of time, not to be confused with stealing) or Burn (destruction by fire) it.

If you’ve managed to make it through the images without laughing, I seriously hope you aren’t thinking about how to pair them with your favourite skirt. The infamous Teva is attempting to resurrect their brand and bring it to a whole new level – literally. I’ll be honest here; I fell victim to the Teva in my youth but am adamant that I was never one to rock the sock with Teva look. If you were a child in the early 90s, don’t be ashamed of admitting your fashion fault too!

So here’s the deal – Teva has entered into a collaboration of sorts with Grey Ant to create the Teva stiletto. These beauties are apparently set to retail for $330 – my immediate instinct here would be to fire their marketing team. Who in their right mind would drop that kind of cash on these? In addition to that, their advertising is way off base and I can’t help but laugh at who they appear to be targeting with the product – the hiking, nature loving, construction working female with a desire to break their ankle doing these various activities? I smell a lawsuit coming from some idiot who really thinks they can go hiking in these shoes …  

ashionista says - Burn them...and then burn the ashes so this terrible idea never resurfaces.

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