Thursday, 8 September 2011

John Galliano - GUILTY

John Galliano, former creative director at Dior, was found guilty of makign anti-semetic slurs.

I watched the video back when it first caught the fashion world by storm, and I'm disgusted with him. What digusts me even more is that he is found guilty, but doesn't have to pay the fine given to him unless he slips up again and goes on another anti-semetic tirade within the next five years. So - what is he guilty of? To me, it seems like he's getting off with a slap on the wrist.

Some may say that his sentence was handed to him by Dior when he was let go from the fashion house, but that was just a smart PR move the company needed to make. If you ask me, I think the fine should have been made mandatory to let others know that this type of behaviour is not to be tolerated, especially since the video of Galliano went viral on an international level. I don't believe that his is a single, isolated event so we can all probably rest assured that the fine will be paid in due time.

Needed to rant about this somewhere!

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