Monday, 15 August 2011

Anthropologie - Fall Collection Inspiration

I know Anthropologie may not be a store for everyone - what matters is that it's a store for me!

I love their unique stance on fashion and watching this video really gives you an inside to how they dream-up their collections. Really excited to see the Japanese influence in their fall collection - the fabrics, colours and textures in this video are amazing and I kind of want to steal that fabric book she found at the antique market...

On another note - while on the topic of Anthropologie, I thought I would share my recent deal find. I have the tendency to zone in on sale sections as soon as I walk into a store, Anthropologie is no exception. In fact, Anthropologie sales are quite fantastic and really give you a sale price instead of 5% off ... cough*Aritzia*cough.

Enter. Head to Stairs. Climb Stairs. Enter Sale Room.

I bought this skirt with a little hesitation because I thought it would be a little too much. It turns out it looks fantastic and fits like a glove. The cotton fabric on it just makes me want to pet myself it's so soft and the colours are the perfect combination to bring me from summer into fall with seamless ease. The best part - I paid 40 buckeroonies for it.

Anthropologie Sorbet Skirt

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