Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Countdown to Fall is On!

My apologies to those who cringed when they saw this post title. For those of you who welcome the Fall colours and weather changes - and fashions, of course - get excited with me!

Nothing like the fall fashion lines to make me come out of my blog-less-o-sphere. Every time I post, I feel the need to apologize for my lack of postings. Yes - my last post was in February. Yes - I have no excuse for my slacking. Yes - I am going to try to gear this blog up again!

For starters, lets discuss a recent purchase and some serious want-ing.

Exhibit A - the Wilfred Free Lisière dress in Heather Black from Aritzia. It is so comfortable, fits well and the salt-and-pepper-like colouring it has going on is forgiving, ladies! The cut at the bottom is also fantastic. Seemingly casual - deceivingly fancy-schmancy.

I love the colouring so much, I bought the long sleeve, round neck shirt version of it in the light grey.

Exhibit B - The shoes I saw, tried on, and now want. They would be perfect with the dress and for all other suitable outfits in my wardrobe. The only drawback - who can spot me the $250 I'll need to purchase them. I can cover the HST. Anyone, anyone .... anyone?
Boutique 9 Isoke at Nine West

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