Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some Zara Goodness

Before I go on about more of my spending - let me apologies for my recent hiatus' and then we'll come right back around to this skirt. I got engaged a few months ago so I've been in full-on planning mode and haven't really had much time to think about or do anything else! I'll try to get myself back on track shortly - all my ducks are lining up quite nicely and I'm trying to get it all done so I can enjoy the summer! Between planning a wedding and looking for our first house, I've been a busy Betty.

So back to the skirt - Zara purchase for $60 and I think I want to work it into an engagement shoot I have in a few weeks! It has a great flow to it and I love this colour in everything - a bit Fall but with the right colours, we can make it work! A great top with a fabulous belt and voilà! 

If I pull it all together and the skirt makes it into our photos, I'll be sure to share a good shot of the outfit with you! I have every intention to start posting outfit and style shots but I don't have the right set-up yet to do it with ease - stay with me!

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