Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summertime Prep

I be preppin' for the summertime - even though I should be saving my dollars! No matter how often I tell myself that, it's still so hard to resist the temptation of a purchase.

Let's start with Exhibit A - White Coton/Linen blend Blazer from H&M

I've been searching high and low for a white summer blazer only to find them priced way higher than I want to pay...until I came across this one at H&M. I fluked across it since I seldom enter H&M - I find their stuff a little cheap for my liking but this gem trumps that thought for a second. I think I'll be prancing around quite often in this blazer. Here's to hoping it remains stain free for at least a few wears!

Exhibit B and C - Zara dress and linen top

 Love the back of this dress and for under 30 buckeroos I can jump on the trend bandwagon and get one of those business in the front, party in the back hems! I wouldn't wear this solo unless used as a coverup for the beach. I think it would look great with a belt and denim jacket - can't wait to wear you!

I'm not sure if I've confessed to it on my blog - but, I have a bit of an addiction to linen. It's my most favourite summer fabric and I can't get enough of it - which I clearly demonstrated by buying this tank top! It would look wonderful paired with my new white blazer - n'est ce pas?

These purchases aside, I think I've been a good little consumer and haven't been in the stores too often lately so that I don't tempt myself.

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