Monday, 5 December 2011

Affordable Chanel

Affordability is relative.

Chanel has come out with cosmetic pads embossed with the iconic logo. For $20 you can get a pack of 100 cotton Chanel pads – for my fellow Canadians, I think we can assume this is in US dollars so smack an additional $5 Canada tax on there. So, for the relatively cheap price of $25 you can - tone your face, remove your make-up or switch up your nail polish with a Chanel embossed cotton  pad...

an exquisitely soft tri-layer pad developed in Japan: its outer lining, made from delicate, handpicked Egyptian cotton, and its inner filling, comprised of lightly entwined, elastic Australian fibers

Tempted? Be silly - buy it and then let me use one. In the meantime, i’ll stick with my $2 cotton pads.

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