Friday, 2 September 2011

Favourite Fall Colour

Fall is my favourite season of the year. Nice refreshing weather, nature's colours, but most of all I adore the fall fashions. I enjoy the layering of clothes, the footwear and the shades of colours that begin lining the fashion racks. This year though, I am playing favourites. Burgundy is my current colour obsession and I haven't seen too much of it come out on the rack yet but I am hoping and praying that the fall fashion gods follow through for me.

Yesterday, I had a yearning to own a burgundy coloured bag and today I came across a fabulous fall scarf in burgundy at Club Monaco. I need to bag myself a few burgundy coloured items soon to satisfy this yearning feeling!

Here’s a little tidbit about the origin of the burgundy namesake. Obviously enough, it comes from the Burgundy region of France where the colour of the wine is referred to as burgundy. If you already knew this, you're clearly an alcoholic...

Pour me a glass of French wine and let me peruse the fall fashion racks!

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