Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Jours Après Lunes

In the wake of the whole Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau saga, I discovered Jours Après Lunes. Though I may take a pro stance towards the young budding model Thylane, whose images are way more tasteful than these skantily clad kids prancing around in their skivvies, I take an anti stance to these images. Not only are their clothes not age appropriate, their styling is terrible with hair seemingly inspired by Amy Winehouse (love her, but don't think she should be a role model for children!). It pains me to say, but these kids look like street walkers.

The company is French and markets and sells undergarments, or 'Loungerie' to a younger generation that really shouldn't be feeling the need to look sexy and pose provocatively while running around in their skivvies. Let kids enjoy the innocence of being young - they have enough time to partake in it all when they get older.

Though it feels a little odd to be posting these images, I feel that they need to be posted to generate important discussion around the new generation of children and how they are being raised.

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  1. your blog is wonderful! i just blogged about Thylane a few days ago. its absolutely appalling the way shes posing now. of course shes beautiful - but shes 10!!
    I'm following your blog now! Keep writing miss! Care to follow back or check out mine?