Friday, 22 July 2011

Kate Middleton - Dress on Display

The dress Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day is now on display until October 3rd at Buckingham Palace. The dress, along with her shoes, tiara, earrings and even piece of her actual wedding cake are on display for you to feast your eyes on.

I have to admit, the dress doesn’t look half as amazing on the mannequin as it did on Kate. The detail in some of these images are phenomenal and I can see how seeing it in person would really be magical – unfortunately, I don’t plan on visiting London before the end of the exhibit!

Confession – I had the weirdest dream last night. I walked and chatted with Kate while heading somewhere like we were the best of friends! I also had a segment of the dream where I was sitting on a floor chatting with Prince William and having a jolly good time. What does it all mean?? Maybe it's just a reflection of how down-to-earth these two seem and how everyone can feel like the relate to them in some way - maybe.

Who wouldn't want to be friends with a Prince and Princess!

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