Thursday, 9 June 2011

Rent frock Repeat

Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber have hit the nail on the head with this venture. The premise of Rent frock Repeat is to provide women with an alternative – an alternative to a jam packed closet, an alternative to spending a fortune, an alternative to spending a fortune to look and feel amazing.

The idea behind Rent fork Repeat is simple really, rent a designer dress instead of splurging on the purchase-to-own. Admit it – we all own a nice dress or two that we refuse to wear again because well, we’ve worn it already and can’t possible recycle the look! Rent frock Repeat to the rescue. Save the closet space, economize on your $$ and rent the look for the evening – you have everything to gain, except the ability honestly say the dress is yours...pocket this as a little white lie, you won't hurt anyone
Based in Toronto, I have a sneaking suspicion that they have entered the right market for this kind of business – we are host to the proper demographic. I’d be curious to know how profitable this little venture turns out to be.

As for whether I would delve in to this type of rental, I’m not so sure. I would be hesitant to rent a dress without having tried it on myself. Though, they do offer the option to ship an alternate dress free of charge if the original selection falls flat.
The mail order is not for me. Open a dress rental store in Toronto where I can shop the racks, touch the fabric and try it on, then we’ll reopen the discussion.

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