Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci by Daniele + Iango with Luigi Murenu for Visionaire 60 RELIGION guest edited by Riccardo Tisci. (Styling by Joanne Blades, makeup by Virginia Young and hair by Luigi Murenu).
This photo was shot for Visonaire. The publication puts out 3 editions a year and limits their distribution. The format of the publication seems rather interesting and looks to allow artists a significant level of freedom to push Visionaire's original formats.

Publication aside, this image is stunning. As usual, I am floored by the artistic appeal of photography.

As a younger me, I kept getting told I looked like Christina Ricci - circa Casper and Now and Then. The younger me took great offence to this comparison since I didn't really find her attractive, but I must admit she has come into her own in recent years and looks fabulous. I'll take those comments now if anyone still thinks that I resemble her!

Armed with a new camera, I set forth in hopes of someday taking a photo that turns out like this.

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