Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Overallways and Forever

Overalls are part of my childhood - the grass stains, the ripped knees from being pushed over by the boy who had a crush on me in 4th grade, the wedgies when I couldn't get the straps just right... I'm so glad I'm seeing them back again this season - seriously. This wardrobe staple has the tendency to be so out of style one season and so in the next - who cares though, if I still owned a pair, I would rock them in or out of style! The only thing that sets my 26 year old self’s pair apart from my 9 year old self’s pair is that now I would cry about the hole that would appear in my overpriced denim rather than my bleeding knee if crush-boy pushed me over.

Pictured are Citizens of Humanity Mason Overalls

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