Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Button Up!

After a very upsetting experience over the weekend, I now have a newfound appreciation for the good old button.

My upsetting experience led me to Queen Street where I made an attempt to locate six of the very same buttons the dry cleaners kindly broke off my winter coat – venture unsuccessful. They were sold out of the very button I came down to look for. I stood looking at buttons for over half an hour trying to select the buttons that would become the new replacements. If you’ve ever been in a store that sells buttons and little else, you can understand how overwhelming of a task I had. While I picked, prodded and annoyed the shopkeeper, I was hit with the realization that buttons can really make or break a piece of clothing. After humming and hawing, I settled on a braided leather replacement set.

I am crossing my fingers in the hopes that I don’t fall out of love with my winter coat when I pick it up from the cleaners – a second time.

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